Last night I dreamt I hung out with Nick Cave. It was fun, but I woke up before I had a chance to ask him how intent he was on all the religious stuff.
I also dreamt that websites were actually big sheets of calico, with the content painted or screen-printed on, then hung on the wall. If you wanted to change pages you had to unhook the top sheet and fold it down, like a gigantic wall calendar. It was awkward if someone came in while you were browsing a page you shouldn’t, because you had to try and nonchalantly change over a huge sheet of calico.

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  1. Dreeny says:

    Mia this is so funny but what a weird dream? Did you take anything I wouldn’t before going to bed???

  2. ernestito says:

    oh Mia, I love Nick Cave too. We share the same birthday (22nd Sept). Not the same year of course 🙂

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