“Hundreds of Cuban-Americans scrambled to board flights from Miami to Havana a day before new US restrictions on travel to the island came into force.
The new US rules will only allow Cuban-Americans to visit relatives for two weeks once every three years in a bid to tighten an embargo on the island.” (BBC)
How utterly charming of the US.

Ahh, England. “The Swiss referee who disallowed a goal by England in their Euro 2004 quarter-final with Portugal says he has been put under police protection.

He has been accused by England’s tabloid press of being responsible for the national team’s defeat.

Mr Meier said he found the “overheated” reaction from the English media and fans hard to reconcile with the image he used to have of the country.
“I was always of the opinion that fair play in England is really important, and also the respect from the officials, but I never expected this reaction,” he said.” (BBC)

I’m getting a bit worried about my upcoming work trip to an archaeological dig in Turkey. Lots of bombs on planes and buildings (hopefully only because Bush was there, and they’ll end soon) and the site handbook itself is full of warnings about killer sheepdogs, scorpions and snakes. Still, it’s an amazing opportunity and if I can survive a tomboy childhood in Australia, I can survive a dig in the wilds of Turkey.
In other news, I’m moving to Stoke Newington. It’s a bit like Fitzroy in the old days – full of lesbians, health food stores and it has a variety of good cheap restaurants. And I’ll save

“Tony Blackburn has been suspended from the Classic Gold digital radio station for the heinous crime of repeatedly playing Cliff Richard records.” (Granuid)
“A new Beastie Boys’ CD called “To the Five Boroughs” (Capitol Records), is raising hackles around the Web for reputedly infecting computers with a virus.” (Register) That’s nasty! When will record companies find a way of dealing with new technology that doesn’t restrict the consumers’ rights or make criminals of them?
Amusing place names near you (if you’re in the UK). Someone at work pointed that it doesn’t include Clitterwell, which is near Golder’s Green.

“Australian schools must have a functioning flagpole if they are to qualify for extra educational funding, Prime Minister John Howard has said.” (BBC). It’s starting to feel more than ever like we’re the 51st State. Who has a flagpole, let alone salutes it? I love the Age’s editorial note: “Mr Howard denied the changes were old fashioned and that the insistence schools bring to prominence the flying of the national flag was patronising.”
In nicer news, “the Tote celebrates 21 years as a Melbourne music institution” (Age).
It’s my birthday too, and I want to go to Regent’s Park for a picnic. The weather isn’t looking great but at least I get to have a summer birthday in this hemisphere. (An iPod or a home-made cd of music you think I’d like, thanks! Mia denied the charge that she was dropping hints).