Send a ‘Make Poverty History’ Christmas card to Tony Blair.
Bush forced to accept torture ban
“The White House has caved in to overwhelming domestic and international pressure by accepting tough new rules for the treatment of prisoners by US forces.” (Age)
Of course, it might not mean much, given they way they’ve redefined ‘torture’.

I got a comment/hate mail on the Princess Di advice page from a random American, who emailed ‘Di‘ to say, “your not relly talking”. This reminded me of the whole Ya Rly thing, so I posted about this somewhere, and a friend made me an image of Princess Di going ‘Ya Relly’.
So, now I have a snazzy new picture and it inspired me to update the page and add twenty new questions to Princess Di.

I’d heard a random track I really liked on my iPod, but because it was the shuffle I couldn’t see what it was called.
I googled some of the lyrics, and in the process came across tinyman which had some good music/gig reviews and put me onto some music I hadn’t heard before… I left a message on their messageboard and they posted a reply, so finally I have an answer. I [heart] the internet.
It turns out the band is called ‘On Inc.’ and the song is called ‘Am What I Am’. Oddly, despite lyrics like ‘miles of styles like Melbourne weather’, they’re from Newcastle. Through googling them, I found Australian Music Online which might be a good place to catch up with new Australian music.