I’m leaving for the Big Chill today. I spent my first night in the new place last night, and was up late packing, so I’m pretty tired right now. It feels like I’ve hardly been in the office lately so I’m going to be really busy when I get back.
My new housemates and I had a drink together on the roof last night. The air was mild and London was all ours – I could see Canary Wharf, the Gherkin, the BT tower and the spire of the Stoke Newington church. Lovely.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something vital but hopefully the weather will hold.
Now that I’m officially switched from the 38 to the 73 bus I should sign this petition to save the 73
Mez, have fun in Melbourne, and have fun at Montreal Pride, Sandrine!

I went shopping today, and bought some op shop dresses to wear to the Big Chill. I also scored an original pair of huge round 70s sunglasses, and another girlie dress to wear to Glyndebourne on Sunday. I was even tempted by two separate pairs of girlie shoes. Help!

I’m back! Long day travelling to get back. Otherwise, news is more of the same – worked some really long days to try and get as much done as possible, but there was still so much to do when I left. I’m not sure how much I can do back at work – depends on funding and other project timelines, I guess.

Thursday is our one day off so I’ve been working flat out since I last wrote. After lunch with some of the grad students (much confusion trying to explain ‘vegetarian’ to the waiters) I wandered up through the bazaar to the Mevlana Museum. I got talking to the guard, who invited me to drink tea with him. We went through to a private part of the grounds and drank it standing under a tree, chatting haltingly.
I think it’s impossible to really explain what it’s like living here. I could explain the dig compound

Hı! Actually, merhaba!
It’s our day off, so lots of people have come into Konya for the day. There was a costume party last night, I think I managed to not get drunk and offend everyone.
It’s a bit cool today, it’s been very hot and dry and dusty otherwise. Luckily it cools down at night. I’ve taken loads of photos which I’ll upload when I get home.
People keep sayıng ‘oh, you’re the famous Mıa!’ I don’t know what magıcal database powers they’ve been told I have. I might be here a few days more, they’re trying to get my flight changed so I can get more work done but there’s still more than I can possibly finish. I’ve also been doıng general IT support because there’s no-one else to do ıt – I can now set up dsn, dns and network drıves ın Turkısh.
It’s about 350 kılometers by bus from Antalya to Konya, then another 45 mınutes to travel the 50k out to the sıte. It took me 19 hours to get from home to the site, so I’ll have that to look forward to on the way back.
I’m goıng to have a look around Konya, apparently there’s not much to see so ıf I get tıme I’ll head out to the Hılton whıch lets people from the sıte lıe around theır pool lookıng dısreputable.