Video games without frontiers: interesting

Video games without frontiers: interesting article about the implications of better AI for games. I’m still waiting for games that allow you to act naturally rather than force you to discover the narrative the game developers had in mind.
“By limiting what players can do, game makers keep their story on track but this can make players feel like extras rather than the star of the unfolding drama.
But if players get too much freedom, game makers face the impossible task of working out the consequences of any and every action.”
They’re developing “story management system[s]” that draw “on narrative theory to create convincing stories that explore the consequences of player actions.”

What a London day. It

What a London day. It snowed this morning, and a proper East End funeral just went past the office. Horse-drawn hearse with ‘My sister Rosie’ in flowered letters on the sides, limo after limo with ‘Aunt’ or huge bouquets. The plumed horses and liveried footmen looked quite odd waiting at the traffic lights.
One of my bosses has a new whoopee cushion and he’s like that kid in your class with undiagnosed ADD.