So there was this whole

So there was this whole stuff up with RMIT installing a new computer system, and stuffing up everyone’s results. It meant I’ll get my diploma a year late, but I figure it’s worth it, because apparently I’ve now also done some Masters subjects, so I’m well on my way to a free Masters if this continues. I didn’t so well in two of the subjects (Intelligent Web Systems and Internet and Intranet Document Engineering) but I scored a High Distinction in Implementation of Database Applications. I’m pretty impressed because all three subjects finished after I’d left the country, so I must done well in my earlier coursework.

About time! Melbourne’s public transport

About time! Melbourne’s public transport ticket system operator, OneLink, would face fines of up to $2 million a year if it did not improve the reliability of its machines, the State Government said yesterday.
Of course, the article goes on to say this: “In its second payout to the public transport sector this year, the government agreed to pay OneLink $65 million to settle legal claims against the state worth up to $362 million.”

The joys of working with

The joys of working with the public. Strange things I have seen at work (a garden centre) in the whole two weeks I’ve been there: a bride, groom, bridesmaids plus whatever you call those little kids all dressed up, and a photographer taking wedding photos around the tables of flowering plants; a busload of Japanese tourists taking photos of everything (maybe they couldn’t get tickets to the garden expo); an old man playing the guitar and singing rock songs – but he wasn’t a busker.