I think the producers of Big Brother should supply them with Class As, just for kicks (and better tv).
My latest reality tv show idea doubles as a money spinner for me – Tramp TV. I secretly mike up the triangle of land outside my house and film the derros who drink there. Tasks include begging enough money for some more booze, and successfully crossing the road to the off-licence to buy it. Viewers vote them off the triangle and back into the hostel (where they’re not allowed to drink) until the last one left is crowned King or Queen of the Wasteland.

From Popbitch:
We love Sir Ian McKellan. Not only is he Magneto and Gandalf, but he lives across the road from us. And he tells good jokes.
To a good looking young actor:
Sir Ian: “What’s the difference between a blow job and quiche?”
Actor: “I don’t know”
Sir Ian: “Let’s go and have a picnic, then”.

The government says it may be forced to allow farmers to grow genetically-modified (GM) crops in Britain even if the public does not want them. (BBC)
“The environment minister Michael Meacher told the BBC a ban on GM crops would be illegal unless there is scientific proof that they harm people or the environment.”

Marijuana to be prescribed as pain killer (The Age)
“Legalised cannabis will be prescribed to people suffering from chronic pain or wasting illnesses under a four-year trial to be run by the NSW Health Department.”
Also, in the Age, it’s not just good for those in pain, it’s good for Australia: “Pain management experts from Royal North Shore Hospital and Sydney University said health concerns about smoking the drug could be overcome by using a device that gave the user a concentrated aerosol spray.

The instrument also had the advantage of being an Australian innovation, Professor Mather said.”