Today I’m liking
I’m thinking about changing webhosts, my mail is down again. Maybe they don’t suck that much but they’re crap at giving information when things go wrong. Would it be so hard to have a section on their site with any recent support issues?
Btw, does anyone know why Edinburgh smells funny?

I’m watching Jaws when I should be in bed. I think the reason it was so scary, apart the fact we spent all summer by the sea, was that the adults weren’t able to do anything more than the kids to stop Jaws.

Someone at work described one of the archaeologists as ‘a minefield of information’ today. Lovely.
I’m off to Edinburgh for the weekend. I’m going to catch up with Amber, get up at some ridiculous hour to watch the Australian Rules Grand Final in a Walkabout Pub (*shudder*) and see Scotland for the first time.
And on Tuesday I’m going to watch the taping of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Woohoo!

“The lives of thousands of women and children in Africa are being put at risk as a result of a change in United States foreign aid policy, healthcare groups say.
The Global Gag Rule – introduced by the US two years ago – prohibits family planning assistance to any non-government group that performs or offers counselling on abortion. ” BBC)

Today I will be mostly the clever hand of the social artists and my favourite word is assuage.
When you hear a piece of music as often as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, it’s easy to forget how damn good it actually is. Today I love my Sennheiser headphones and Shoutcast’s classical stations.