As I have learnt to my peril, fried cheese is evil. Not only have I put on twenty kilos since I arrived, it doesn’t absorb alcohol at all. Best to stick with plates of grilled vegetables. I’ve given up on having any kind of tradtional eating experience in Slovenia at least.

Hey kids! I’m in Ljubljana, about to check out the museums. Arrived on Thursday night, saw the castle and old town, then got on a train to Bled, a town near the Austrian border with a castle high on the mountain over the lake, and a church on a tiny island in the middle of the lake. Got very very drunk for Foo’s birthday. Off to a town called Ptuj tonight, then Zagreb on Monday night. We’ll be in Hungary the rest of the time, back on Sunday the 3rd, just in time to meet Cat the next day.

Toodle pip kids, I’m off! Going for a jaunt around Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, back October 3.
Comments are off in the meantime as I won’t have time to deal with the comment spam, even with the help of MT’s blacklist.

“Howard terror plan gets brush-off” (BBC)
Well, der. If Australia had waited for the UN before falling over itself following the US into Iraq and if the Howard government hadn’t pulled away from the region so determinedly, maybe they’d have some credibility now.

“With Australia’s 9 October general election too close to call, attention is turning to a small number of marginal seats, where many upwardly-mobile and often religious voters live.” (BBC)

“A new sign language created over the last 30 years by deaf children in Nicaragua has given experts a unique insight into how languages evolve.
The language follows many basic rules common to all tongues, even though the children were not taught them.
It indicates some language traits are not passed on by culture, but instead arise due to the innate way human beings process language, experts claim.” (BBC)
My holiday to Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary is going to be cool, I think. “Expanding on the traditional process used to make Ljubljana’s butarica, the Mrvar family have created a series of lovely items made from wood shavings.”