June 29. The shock of turning 25 has killed most my braincells, and I’ve also been afk for a while for one reason or another, but today I’m proud to announce that I’ve obtained leaked copies of One Nation’s Policy , and I’ve put it up on the net for everyone to read [and now I’ve taken it down cos it was really quite boring and didn’t do much to point out how fucked up One Nation is].
And soon: photos from Parliament’s Gallery of Famous Insects. However, for the moment I’m still trying to decide between Pauline the Cockroach and Pauline the blood-sucking leech.

June 7 Mmmmm, daytime recoveries. So much fun they should be illegal, and in fact, half the fun of them is. Girls went ‘woooooo!’ when I took my top off.

June 1. I’m trying to decide whether I should fix my car, or buy the upgrade to Director 6.5. It’s a tough decision, but I guess 6.5 doesn’t come with the ability to avoid public transport on cold wet nights.