More on the bum-kissing John

More on the bum-kissing John Howard comments, this time from Carmen Lawrence, quoted in the Age, “It isn’t a word I would use, but the sentiment is about right,” she said.
“Everyone I have spoken to is deeply offended by Mr Howard’s sycophancy in the United States. He appeared like a little boy with George Bush … it was really embarrassing.”

MP Mark Latham explains why

MP Mark Latham explains why he called the Prime Minister, John Howard, an “arselicker” who “kissed some bums” on his recent brown-nosing trip to Washington: “I shared the emotion and language of my electorate in describing the Prime Minister as an arselicker “. According to the Age, “Opposition Leader Simon Crean said he would not use the word Mr Latham used but he agreed with the sentiments expressed by his frontbencher about Mr Howard’s posture in relation to the Americans on his recent trip to Washington.”

Annoying websites, part 100030342 in

Annoying websites, part 100030342 in a series: Last year, I paid yahoo for extra storage in a yahoo mail account. This year, they sent me a notice saying that it’d be automatically extended, unless I stopped it. I don’t need the space anymore, so I tried to cancel it. I’ve tried going through the whole process twice now, but I keep getting, “We’re sorry, we are unable to process this request.
Please return to the beginning and try again.
We apologise for the inconvenience. “. Going back to the beginning doesn’t help, unless they mean something different, like back to the birthing room, or something.
Annoying websites, part 100030343 in a series: Travelocity sent me a newsletter. I’m pretty sure I said I didn’t want any, but whatever, they probably just hid the ‘don’t subscribe me’ button a bit and I missed it. So I follow their unsubscribe link (which their previous newsletter didn’t even have), but got, “We’re sorry, we could not locate your email address in our mailing list. You have not been unsubscribed.” even though I copied and pasted the address from the To: header.

Stupid site of the day.

Stupid site of the day. I saw a link to that offered updates on the footy (AFL and World Cup) by sms. Stupidly, I assumed it was free, because neither the registration form or the Term and Conditions mentioned any cost. The Terms and Conditions also contained one of those sleazy ‘we make our money selling your personal data’ clauses:
6. Marketing. You agree that Pocket Sports