Unexpected self-knowledge from a Tory

Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove, quoted in the Telegraph on their politics and policies as a:

‘misbegotten shambles – a series of catastrophic mistakes perpetrated by an out-of-touch elite’

Or perhaps he didn’t realise he was describing the Conservatives in government since 2010?

2 thoughts on “Unexpected self-knowledge from a Tory

  1. Kevin Minke says:

    Just curious – looked up my surname + .com online and found this wordpress site. Good job on the longevity – I don’t see many wordpress sites with this kind of long term dedication. But the site title leaves me wondering – why ‘antiminke’ – did someone with my surname do something to earn antipathy, or is the site author also named minke and just wanted to make statement, of some sort?

  2. minke says:

    It’s much simpler than that – back in the day when portals meant more than search engines, it was a way of getting higher up the list (plus it seemed kinda funny).

    This blog pre-dates WordPress – originally it was written directly on the server or updated by FTP, then it was run on moveable type.

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