I got distracted by one thing and another tonight, I think because I was putting together an album of photos for friends who are leaving London. I ended up tracking down an old (1999, so it’s from my second personal site) ‘about me’ page. It’s scary how much of it is still true:
“This is my dog. He’s the best dog in the whole entire world

Apart from that, I have quite stunning taste in music, except that no-one believes me after I sang along to Kylie at a Winterdaze recovery.

Apart from my dog, I have the best car in the world, except that at the moment it’s at my mechanics being fixed again. But when it comes out, it’ll be the best car in the world again. I also have the world’s worst surfboard – even the tape I’ve got over the dings cost more than the board.

I have no dress sense. I’ve got a pot belly that no-one takes seriously. I have hairy legs. And a messy room. My car is also messy, but my dog generally isn’t.”
Tragically, my legs are still hairy, I still have no dress sense and my room is (a bit) messy. But these days I’m open about my love for Kylie, though I don’t have a car or a surfboard. (I did get a much nicer surfboard sometime between now and then) I do have a pot belly that you can’t be polite about. Like my beautiful dog, it lives at the Storage Centre of Mum and Dad while I’m in London.

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  1. mez says:

    ok..spill the beans. what drugs were you on?

  2. mia says:

    Sadly, nothing. I’m still sad I lost so many photos when the old queer.org.au died, back in the days before it was easy to backup stuff on cd.

  3. Dreeny says:

    Mia, I didn’t notice you have hairy legs… What’s wrong with you? I know it is winter but still, you never know who will end up in your bed.

  4. mez says:

    too true dreeny but murphies law, one always manage to meet people when they are sick, have their period and have matted legs.
    fresh back from the bahamas drives them away in flocks.

  5. mia says:

    You guys are so old-fashioned! Who cares if I have hairy legs? Better that than scratching someone with stubbly shaved legs. Ouch!

  6. ernestito says:

    I like hairy legs (on guys).
    Hairy spider hairy spider
    What’s going on little mister?
    “I am hairy, I have too many legs!
    I tend to make people sick!”
    Learn to love yourself everyday
    and happiness will come your way!

  7. Dreeny says:

    No don’t shave the legs, that’s true… It isn’t smooth but if you ‘epilate’ (I think that’s english…?) then it is nice and smooth and it tend to stop growing or thiner in any case.
    Ernest: I love your poem. It’s so true!
    I’m in a shaving mode these days…I shaved evrything (except the hair on my head)!;-)

  8. ernestito says:

    OMG dreeny 🙂
    Yeah, these days I shave and trim. Fun Fun. I am thinking about shaving my head again…

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