We’ve just had the last bank holiday weekend of the year. I went to drinks to give someone a surprise sumo suit on Friday, a birthday picnic in Regent’s Park and an after party on Saturday, then lay around in the park reading the papers with friends, lunch at a Filipino cafe with a pretty garden, home for a nap then out for Belleruche and more birthdays on Sunday, then Hyde Park on Monday. The weather was lovely all weekend, perfect for lying around in parks.
I’ll have lots of photos to put on flickr at some stage.

“Semi-pornographic displays of lesbianism – generally performed by straight girls for straight boys – have become so ubiquitous as to be almost unremarkable.

All this is, I suppose, an improvement on the bad old days of officially sanctioned homophobia. But I’m not sure that one could exactly call it progress. Queen Victoria famously refused to believe in lesbians – and, in its own way, so does modern popular culture.” Guardian

Is Google the new Microsoft? “Trust is a precious commodity and almost impossible to regain once lost. Google’s instinctive reactions to several controversies to date have been marked by na

Whoops. I’ve added up my trips this year, and realised I’ve been to Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Russia, Turkey and Ireland. I’m going to Ireland (again) and Wales and Spain next month, and Slovakia in October. I might also go to Romania and Moldova and possibly Ukraine before the end of the year. I was thinking about going somewhere a bit warm around December or January, but that might be pushing it.
At one stage I was also going to try and get to Riga, Vilnius and Zagreb this year. Greedy, greedy girl.
Speaking of travel, I’ll be using the Slovakian and Basque phrases for “I’m a vegetarian”.