Evil marketers: “It’s not good enough for just these marketing people to realise that they’ve screwed up and damaged the brands they were associated with – we have to keep making examples of them to stop other clumsy organisations viewing our self-created territories as nothing more than sales opportunities.”

I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one who was traumatised as child by the Hobyahs creep, creep, creeping. And I used to feel so bad for the poor dog who got in trouble for trying to warn them.

“The key ingredients are budget flights, cheap accommodation, cheap alcohol and strangely enough, a well-preserved historic centre. When it comes to booze-fuelled mayhem, it seems that Brits feel most at home amongst medieval buildings, getting their kicks in Prague, Budapest, Riga and Tallinn.” (BBC)

Inching slowly closer… I managed to send my Romanian visa application off this morning, and I’ve given money to Ukrainians I found on the internet for a Ukrainian visa invitation.

My lunch break, by Mia, aged 32.9945205479452055
I fr!cking hate the Post Office.
I’ve just wasted two hours trying to send a visa application to the Romanian Embassy, and I really don’t have time at the moment.
Before I set out, I looked up the nearest Post Office on their website. It didn’t mention working hours, so I assumed they’d be a standard 9 – 5 or 10 – 6 or something.
I walk down there, and they’re just closing for their lunch break. That makes sense, it might get busy between 1 and 2:15, what with people running errands in their lunch break and stuff, so you’re much better off closing over that time.
So I walk down to the Old Street Post Office, wait in line for FSM only knows how long, finally get served.
Bit of annoyance over special delivery vs recorded delivery envelopes – one is available behind the counter, the other isn’t. Ok, whatever, just give me whichever one you’ve got. All I need now is a Postal Order to pay for the visa application.
Except you can’t pay for Postal Orders with a card – cash only, he says. Perfectly logical – after all, if you’re sending a lot of money and want to make sure it gets there safely, carry it through the streets as a wad of cash first. Just hope you don’t get mugged or you’ll never be able to buy whatever it is you needed a Postal Order for in the first place.
So now I’m back in the office, visa application still unsent, but now I’m hot, tired, hungry and mightily p!ssed off.
Did I mention that I hate the Post Office?