Interesting article about depictions of Alexander the Great’s bisexuality in the new film, but the schoolyard tone is extremely irritating.
The BBC handled it better: “The “is he or isn’t he?” mentality of moviegoers elevates the issue of sexuality beyond its relevance to the story. Early reviews have dubbed the film “Alexander the Gay” or “Queer Guy for the Macedonian Guy” – the ultimate trivialisation.”
US questions Alexander’s greatness

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  1. Dreeny says:

    Wow! If Alexander is gay, I’m gay too then. The name “Sandrine” comes from Alexander so I always assumed he was my ancestor. I’m being a good follower I think.;-)
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but will do. Angelina Jolie is playing in it and as usual, she is gorgeous. Anyone has seen it and knows if it is good or not?
    Also, I’ve seen some posters in Paris of a movie with Spyke Lee and 18 lesbians. It sounds like a bad movie but has anyone seen that one too? I wonder what it is about? Converting lesbians or so?

  2. mia says:

    Dreeny, that would be this film:,4029,1283945,00.html
    Thanks for the link, Saul.
    I think I’m going to see it when it opens, to show my support for the film.

  3. Dreeny says:

    Thanks babe! But are you really supporting Spike Lee’s movie? I haven’t seen it but it looks pretty gross and vulgar to me. Seeing one guy having sex with 18 lesbians for money to impregnate them. It looks more like a movie to feed straight males fantasy than lesbians’ I think.
    Or where you talking about the “Alexander” movie?

  4. mia says:

    The Alexander movie, of course!!!

  5. Dreeny says:

    Fair enough!:-)

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