The Age reports that “Cyber

The Age reports that “Cyber stalkers to be jailed for up to 10 years”, “”That means that if a person is stalked in a chatroom; if they are stalked by e-mail; if they are stalked on the Internet, it will be illegal,”” without giving any definitions. Googling friends and acquaintances is a pretty common practice, but could it count as stalking?

In an article in the

In an article in the Age about the Olsen twins, their manager was quoted, ‘”Publicity is not manipulative,” Mr Thorne said. “If we were spending millions on advertising I could understand people thinking that we’re going after their kids but we’re not.”‘
Whatever helps you sleep at night, Mr Thorne. Personally, I suspect it’s worse because it’s insidious.

Faye said, “do you think

Faye said, “do you think there’s a show called Afghanistan’s Funniest Home Videos where they show footage of Sept 11 with a soundtrack of goofy cartoon noises and a double “ba-doiiiiing” sound effect?”
and I said, “It’d have some guy being hit in the groin by a falling steel girder with a smart aleck ‘that’s *gotta* hurt!’ commentary.”
and Jacques said, “And a few home shots of camels running and then stopping suddenly so the people on them fly/slide/fly off in to the oasis of the village cesspool. And my perennial favorite a section on misfiring AK 47’s.”
and I said, “Not to mention the wedding scene – not only do the bride and groom fall over slapstick-style with a sliding whistle sound effect during the bridal waltz (exposing the bride’s undies), the whole wedding party is blown up by US forces shortly afterwards in a hilarious wedding hall/Taliban headquarters mix up.”