In the Age, finally, someone

In the Age, finally, someone says nice things about Australia (it’s been a while). Of course, he is comparing Australia to Singapore, but it’s a start.”
Salman said Australia was not the evil country portrayed here and overseas over its handling of asylum seekers because Nurul Nasihah’s freedom to wear her scarf showed that Australia was leading the way in human rights.
“To be accepted into Australia is a great thing for religious tolerance,” he said.
“Australia should be proud that it is leading the world because there is more tolerance here than any other country.””

The cabbie on the way

The cabbie on the way home the other night overheard us saying that Big Ben is disappointingly small, when it comes down to it. He took offence, and asked if we knew of a bigger clock, telling us (repeatedly) that it’s over nine metres wide. Things were a little tense until I tentatively suggested that maybe if it was called ‘really quite big Ben in a not-so big tower’, people’s expectations might be more realistic, and he agreed.

Passenger sues over sex toy,

Passenger sues over sex toy, “saying she was publicly humiliated”. I can’t imagine that dealing with comments by some guys you’ll never see again could be more publically humiliating than the whole world knowing about it because you’re sueing.
Every time anyone googles “Renee Koutsouradis” they’re going to get the whole story, is she going to sue the court reporters for publishing the case?