Amsterdam is full of tourists!

Amsterdam is full of tourists! It’s been getting fuller and fuller for the past couple of weeks, but they’re everywhere now.
Went down to Utrecht last night, it took two hours because a train was on fire at Utrecht Centraal.
I’ve checked my evolt mail account for the first time so I could check out their webmail interface, and there’s spam. Incredible.
Richmond won the footy, we rock!

One last thing: the results

One last thing: the results of the in-depth statistical analysis of hatemail: Celine fans bear the biggest grudges, with 78.04% of all hate mail. Tom Hanks‘ fans are apparently an insipid bunch, barely managing 7.31%. General hate mail made up 4.87% of the rest, with Shania fans making up the last 4.87%. Shania fans have an excuse because her pages are newer, and generally, their mail has been more interestingly wacky.
Disappointingly, absolutely no-one has taken offense at the suggestion that George Bush and Tony Blair were having a torrid homosexual relationship and survived a nasty breakup.

My last day at work.

My last day at work. I’m going to miss the internet access but I really can’t wait to be out of here.
It’s a beautiful sunny day. It’s the first time I’ve had an Easter in spring. It’s always autumn in Australia, so all the ‘new life’ stuff never really gelled.
The Dutch-English translation tool I’ve used to translate all those notices about the company going bankrupt has moved to, just in time for me to translate one final notice about the company going down the gurgler.

I got spam from Urban

I got spam from Urban Outfitters today. I clicked through the unsubscribe link since I figured they wouldn’t be selling email addresses back to spam databases, and sent them this grumpy email:
I received this unsolicited commercial email from I have never signed up for this email and consider it spam.
I used to buy your clothes, but since I don’t buy from companies that send spam, I won’t be buying any more products from your company.”