Faye’s been saying this for years: “Tanenbaum also found that professional women were often hardest on their own sex.
“Many professional women confess they prefer male rather than female supervisors. They complain that women at work refuse to share power, or withhold information, or are too concerned about receiving credit for every little thing they accomplish, or are cold toward underlings (male and female alike). In such complaints they use the word ‘bitch’ a lot,” she says.” (Age)

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  1. Dreen says:

    I agree. I prefer men as bosses. The ladies I had were all overprotective, control-freak and take all the glory for themselves. Also, they were str8. Men are easier to please and to manipulate…hehe!

  2. mez says:

    I have the opposite problem, I get crushes on my female bosses and would love to refer to them as(my) ‘bitch’!
    I hope no-one from work is reading this.

  3. ernestito says:

    I am very easy to please! Also very willing to please!

  4. mia says:

    Does Ernie count?
    The only female boss I’ve had was an actual psychotic bitch but I was too young and naive to know any better. (I was young! I needed the money!)
    I’ve had crap male bosses but I guess they weren’t strictly bullies.

  5. karenc says:

    Hey! I’m back! Woohoo!
    Definitely prefer a male boss…tell ’em you’re a lesbian and they become so easy to manipulate…hehehe
    The women I’ve had as bosses are crazy and overprotective as if my only purpose is to gun for their job.
    Miss ya Mia – have fun on your holiday!
    PS – I’ve got a job at Electronic Arts!!!! ;D

  6. mia says:

    Hey! I was wondering what happened to you.
    Congratulations! What does your new job involve? xxx

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