Today is a big day. I picked up my Chinese visa today (one whole page of my passport!) and I’m ordering my new Powerbook tonight.
It’s two weeks and two days till I leave for Hong Kong, and Sandrine arrives next Monday. Woohoo! Otoh, it’s back to -3C overnight, bah!

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  1. mez says:

    don’t let that dreen girl run you into the ground partying ok! I want you alive and kicking in hk.

  2. mia says:

    I’ll try and get all my collapsing out of the few days inbetween Dreeny leaving and my arrival in HK. Knowing my luck I’ll be working up till the last minute.

  3. Dreen says:

    hehe! I think Mia will need some rest once she get to HK because I will overparty her til the end… Well, if I last, because SHE’s the party beast, not me!;-)

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