Faye said, “do you think

Faye said, “do you think there’s a show called Afghanistan’s Funniest Home Videos where they show footage of Sept 11 with a soundtrack of goofy cartoon noises and a double “ba-doiiiiing” sound effect?”
and I said, “It’d have some guy being hit in the groin by a falling steel girder with a smart aleck ‘that’s *gotta* hurt!’ commentary.”
and Jacques said, “And a few home shots of camels running and then stopping suddenly so the people on them fly/slide/fly off in to the oasis of the village cesspool. And my perennial favorite a section on misfiring AK 47’s.”
and I said, “Not to mention the wedding scene – not only do the bride and groom fall over slapstick-style with a sliding whistle sound effect during the bridal waltz (exposing the bride’s undies), the whole wedding party is blown up by US forces shortly afterwards in a hilarious wedding hall/Taliban headquarters mix up.”