5 thoughts on “http://www.lemonbovril.co.uk/bushspeech/ lets you make a

  1. sean says:

    this is my first time posting here. i typed “bushspeech” in google and got this page. see you again maybe.

  2. Joe says:

    What happened to lemonbovril.co.uk?

  3. Same as above says:


  4. Yasmin says:

    This is so stupid what happened to this site ive been looking foward to visiting it for ages. I really wanted to make fun of Bush i mean seriously he sucks at being president of th US if he is president for much longer the Us is in alot of trouble. All he wants is WAR, WAR, WAR!!!. Hes not even a smart man hes stupid and he doesnt know anyting hes getting the whole world into trouble i say we kill him before we kill Osama.

  5. Poo man says:

    I want to make dis george w. guy speaken and because he maked me lauf. Garrhhd ps. I like poo

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