Flickr sucks a bit now

A quick geek whinge about the Flickr/Yahoo! linked login thing. I use Flickr a lot less these days because of it, which is a shame.
Before, I would stay logged into Flickr all the time, which was lovely because I could see all my and my friends private photos and leave comments whenever the whim took me. Now I only log in to do specific things, and I log out again afterwards. It’s partly because it’s a pain being stuck with a particularly linked Yahoo! ID whenever I’m active in Flickr, and partly because I don’t see why Yahoo should get my data for free when I paid for a Flickr Pro account.
And the login process is really annoying – there’s a link saying ‘Old skool members, please sign in here’ but it doesn’t work if you’ve linked your Yahoo! account already.

After a week of sunshine it’s back to being cold again and it snowed a bit on Monday and Tuesday. We’ve solved the problem of the lack of heating in the office with a new program of spontaneous Aboriginal Morris dancing.
Ok, quick film review. I’m trying out the hreview microformat at the same time.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Itty Bitty Titty Committee opened the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival last night. It was an entertaining start to the festival – cute cast, good production values and cinematography, great soundtrack. There was an occasional clunky “here’s the politics” but it wasn’t so bad that it pulled you out of the experience. It’s definitely not a coming out film and I really enjoyed the way being a lesbian was normalised – it wasn’t an issue in scenes set in a family or work environment.

Also from the BBC: “The woman who invented the modern incarnation of Mother’s Day was so distressed by its commercialisation that she tried to copyright the date to protect her idea.”

According to the BBC: “Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister were written not only to entertain but to promote the idea that working for a unified public interest was a myth – as argued by Margaret Thatcher’s favourite theorist, James Buchanan.”

A quick catch-up on things around London:
A few Sundays ago I went on a trek to see Jake and Dinos Chapman’s Two Legs Good, Four Legs Bad at
Paradise Row. Last Sunday I wandered around Shoreditch looking for open galleries. Not much luck at first, except scaffolding pillars outside the Foundary were decorated in different styles, no idea who by.
The final gallery was Flowers East, where I really liked ‘The Person Who…….’ by Jiro Osuga – mostly paintings but there was a room with a table of toys and small paintings that folded out to show a different side.
I also saw Tim Berners-Lee speak (leave a comment or email me for my notes) on Tuesday, and saw Orfeo at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, both of which were really rather fabulous.