A quick round up of travel sites that have been mentioned in various papers recently. I haven’t used any of them myself yet, so bear that in mind that these aren’t exactly recommendations.
yoursafeplanet.co.uk is “a global community of local people who can offer information and support for travellers”, for a fee.
travellersconnected.co.uk is another online community with forums, photo galleries and journals.
thelmandlouise.com is “an online community of women worldwide which enables members to meet like-minded women, find travel companions and fulfil their aspirations”.
While on the subject of travel, this documentary tells you everything you need to know about eating Japanese food. If you try it out let me know how you get on.

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  1. Sally Broom says:

    I justed wanted to say thanks Mia for including a link to Your Safe Planet. We are a very new and socially responsible organisation with very few funds for getting our name out there. It’s a huge help when people talk about us – so thanks! I’d like to offer you a free membership if ever you wish to travel with YSP. The you can test it out properly.
    Thanks again,

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