Not just in London, but wherever you are…
4th November 2006
Starting at Sunset
4.30 pm to 7.30 pm
You are invited to take part in the largest demonstration of People Power that London has ever seen on Saturday 4th November 2006, by turning off all your lights, and switching off all your non-essential electrical equipment at Sunset.
The principal cause of Global Warming is the rising Carbon Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from the burning of Fossil Fuels, for electricity generation, transport, manufacturing, industry, space heating and air conditioning.
For one day in November, we are asking everyone who receives this message to think about what they can turn off, switch off and unplug, toshow support.
We want the power demand in the United Kingdom to reduce so much that the newspapers are obliged to report it. We want the lights to go out in London, so that on the evening of 4th November 2006, the dimming effect will be visible from space.
If you are at home, switch off your set-top boxes, pull all the chargers out of the wall sockets, turn off lights in any room you are not using, switch off any machine with a digital clock in it, unplug the hi-fi and the TV and the games console, de-frost your freezer, switch off your fridge for a couple of hours. Turn the central heating thermostat down to 16 degrees and put a woolly sweater/jumper on if you’re cold.
Blackout London is being called in cooperation with Come Off It the
campaign from Dave Hampton, the Carbon Coach, as part of a series of regular events to produce negawatts – negative power demand – from the People’s Power Station :-

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  1. Michael says:

    I should read your blog more often. I only just read about this! Did it happen? Did London dim? I hope so. I might have me own little Blackout at some point…

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