Last day in Ireland

We’re in Kilkenny, and will head to Wexford tonight. We couldn’t find anywhere affordable to stay in Rosslare so we’ll get a mini-cab to the port from Wexford.
Last night I went out for dinner with my brothers and then we found a pub with live music (trad Irish). It was actually a pretty good night until the band finished and we went to the disco upstairs. I wouldn’t last a week living in a small town like this, based on that disco. Still, the crowd in the pub was good value – there was a group of girls out for a night out who sang along to all the songs and actually offered more entertainment than the band.
We were in Cashel the night before, but I didn’t get to see the Rock of Cashel cos Mum’s cast was tight overnight, and her IV puncture was infected, so we took her to the hospital again. She’s fine, but needs to be careful to keep her foot elevated all the time. Being Mum, she was trying to see and do too much still.
They’ll probably have to head straight back to Australia after her x-ray appointment in Waterford on the 18th. She says they’ll be back in Europe next year, but I’m not going to hold my breath.