A 90 year old nun tried to flash me today

What a day.
To put it in context, I was visiting Mum in hospital. She’s broken a bone in her right ankle and is in a cast, but should be out tomorrow. They didn’t need to operate cos they’re trying to manipulate the bones through the skin first.
So much for touring Ireland! We might get to Borris and some of Kerry but it’s going to be very different. It’ll affect the rest of her holiday – no hiking in Eastern Europe for us – but at least she’s ok.
We actually had a good day together, the nurses let me stay through non-visiting hours so we had a good catch-up.
The poor nun was in the bed opposite. She has dementia, and was distressed because she’d been waiting for an operation all day. The tubes into her arm and nose kept bothering her, and at other times she was desperately looking after some cotton swabs she thought were matches. It was pretty upsetting watching her, I hope she has her operation and gets some rest soon.