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I fr!cking hate the Post Office.
I’ve just wasted two hours trying to send a visa application to the Romanian Embassy, and I really don’t have time at the moment.
Before I set out, I looked up the nearest Post Office on their website. It didn’t mention working hours, so I assumed they’d be a standard 9 – 5 or 10 – 6 or something.
I walk down there, and they’re just closing for their lunch break. That makes sense, it might get busy between 1 and 2:15, what with people running errands in their lunch break and stuff, so you’re much better off closing over that time.
So I walk down to the Old Street Post Office, wait in line for FSM only knows how long, finally get served.
Bit of annoyance over special delivery vs recorded delivery envelopes – one is available behind the counter, the other isn’t. Ok, whatever, just give me whichever one you’ve got. All I need now is a Postal Order to pay for the visa application.
Except you can’t pay for Postal Orders with a card – cash only, he says. Perfectly logical – after all, if you’re sending a lot of money and want to make sure it gets there safely, carry it through the streets as a wad of cash first. Just hope you don’t get mugged or you’ll never be able to buy whatever it is you needed a Postal Order for in the first place.
So now I’m back in the office, visa application still unsent, but now I’m hot, tired, hungry and mightily p!ssed off.
Did I mention that I hate the Post Office?

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  1. Craig says:

    Hmmm… so far away and yet it seems your post office is manned by the same people ours is.
    Carrier pigeons suddenly appear so much more user friendly and viable…

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