I’ve been typing up some of my travel writing, and it’s inspired me to try and get in contact with hostelworld.com about the Paradise Hotel and Hostel/brothel I accidentally stayed in in Riga. I really should get around to scanning in the ‘massage menus’.
“At the time I couldn’t get the contact form on your website to work but
I’d like to make a complaint about the Paradise Hotel and Hostel.
I had a two night booking for a single room with private bathroom there,
but I only stayed one night as not only were there no single rooms with
private bathrooms available, but somewhat more importantly, the place is
basically a brothel. The only private bathrooms are in the “massage
rooms” and it looks like they prefer to rent them out by the hour.
There’s a 24 hour bar downstairs, with a “free drink with a beautiful
woman” if you bring in their brochure, and a 24 “erotic massage” saloon.”