Friends of the Earth has a campaign for real food. You can take action on issues like Tesco’s dominance of the UK market, and GM foods.
Which reminds me, a while ago I signed a petition at Bite Back (a site about shark and marine conservation), and got this email a while later:
“Thank you. The Bite-Back campaign emails you sent have helped inspire Tesco, the country’s biggest food retailer, to stop selling swordfish and marlin.
It is now impossible to buy either fish species from any of Tesco’s 1779 stores. In fact, because of your support for Bite-Back it is also impossible to buy shark at any ASDA store and it’s no longer possible to find swordfish or marlin on the shelves at Sainsbury’s.
Your emails have helped inspire these retailers to amend their buying policies in favour of some of the most threatened fish on the planet. Congratulations!”
It’s lovely to know that petitions can work. A few clicks, and some re-writing of emails to personalise them takes a tiny bit of my lunch break, and it can make a big difference. Yay!