“China is expanding its censorship controls to cover text messages sent using mobile phones … But analysts fear the real targets are political dissidents. … one Chinese company marketing a system to monitor mobile phone text messages has announced it is watching for “false political rumours” and “reactionary remarks”” (BBC) Would that include Hong Kong?

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  1. mez says:

    probably would include HK….

  2. ernestito says:

    So does that mean sexual messages are okay? If so Mez, you’re safe.

  3. mia says:

    Actually it’d probably save her lots of money if she couldn’t send trashy texts.

  4. mez says:

    mmm..think its time to delete my two trash text buddies.

  5. mia says:

    You haven’t sent me one in *ages* so I know you’re not talking about me 😛

  6. ernestito says:

    oh actually I haven’t sent one of those in such a long time. But Mia – I did mean my last one (even though I was trashed)…what did I say? yes, you remind me of a sunny day (or something like that?)

  7. mez says:

    a sunny day? thats so beautiful ernest…i don’t think I’ll be able to live up to that.

  8. ernestito says:

    Mez…I think I made a mistake. It wasn’t sunny day. It was “warm ray on a sunny day”…

  9. mia says:

    That was a lovely text, Ernest. I think I’ve still got it on my phone.
    Mez, if that’s your normal trashy text I don’t think I’ve ever had one from you!

  10. mez says:

    probably because you delete all of mine and keep all of ‘his’….

  11. ernestito says:

    Perhaps that’s because I am a keeper, Mez.

  12. mez says:

    so am i going to get into trouble by the communists for trashy texts? I’d like to know because I have toned down my messaging of late in case I start getting mild threats from the motherland.

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