I went shopping today, and bought some op shop dresses to wear to the Big Chill. I also scored an original pair of huge round 70s sunglasses, and another girlie dress to wear to Glyndebourne on Sunday. I was even tempted by two separate pairs of girlie shoes. Help!

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  1. ernestito says:

    Mia – welcome to Mez’s world!

  2. mez says:

    Never! I am still stuggling with the iron day to day and my daggy t-shirts on the weekends….aim to shop in Melbourne though. can’t wait.

  3. ernestito says:

    oh sorry – welcome to Mez’s world in Melbourne! I guess she’s just a big dag in Hongkers afterall.

  4. mez says:

    Guess I need another personal disaster to warrant therapy in the way of shopping again.
    Happiness to me is being a dag. I’m only funky when I am incredibly depressed…..

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