Since my visit I’m happy for Melbourne to be our little secret because I want it to be just as good when I eventually move back there, but I’ve been sorting out the piles of ripped out articles in my room so excuse my sentimentality.
Sydney makes more noise, but for culture and nightlife Melbourne is the place to be. “Melbourne is the nation’s arts capital with the finest galleries and museums, classic and innovative theatre, a variety of festivals and the country’s own national film and multimedia centre, … fantastic public parks, from the traditional (Royal Botanic Gardens) to the cutting edge (Birrarung Marr), and hosts international sporting events, bringing in big name stars and big crowds”. Awww.
And Terry Durack: “An accident of birth made me the obsessive eater that I am. I was born in a city that puts food up there with art, music and football. By 10, I knew all about Greek, Cantonese, Jewish and Hungarian food, then followed it with years of study in fine French, Chinese and Thai restaurants. By the time I learnt to cook as well as eat, I was buying German leberkase, Spanish sobrasada sausage and Vietnamese glutinous rice. This does not make me unusual. It just makes me Melburnian.” (Independent)

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