I should be in bed already (I’ve just realised it’s 2am) so I can get lots done tomorrow, but my body clock is stuffed after being sick on the weekend.
I’ve been distracted by the Law of the Playground, which previously hadn’t done that much for me. But I couldn’t resist this:
“”Fight, fight, fight, fight, Two wee monkeys doing a shite.” Scottish chant to be sung during fights, or if you see two wee monkeys having a shit, and feel that they are not doing it aggressively enough.”

For Grant, who doesn’t like Tufte: “An American guru of the information age, Edward Tufte, has come to this conclusion. Bullet points are “faux analytical”, he says, and he illustrates his case by reducing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to a PowerPoint presentation. Naturally, it doesn’t work. Not as language, as such. Not as a speech. Tufte says that the language of management is depleting our cognitive powers.”
He’s quoted in this article by Don Watson on the ‘new public language’. Watson says, “we might wonder how language that circumscribes or clouds thought can be more efficient than language that expresses, clarifies or enlarges it.”

“The words – “value”, “strategic”, “quality”, “commitment” and “outcome” – are almost to modern management what “proletarian”, “glorious”, “revolution” and “marching forward” were to copywriting in the old communist states.”

I had leaving drinks last night. I’m going to miss all my London friends, though I’m only gone for a month.
I know I’m living the unexamined life at the moment, and I think one of the reasons that I keep thinking this holiday is going to be intense is that I’ll have time to stop and think, not to mention dealing with the cultural shock of staying with my family for the first time in ten years. I’m aware that I might be confronted with everything I haven’t had time to think about since I left Melbourne, then Amsterdam, and moved to London. No idea what it would be, I’m not *that* self-aware.
Bah, more than you ever wanted to know about me.

It’s time to leave the office, I just sent this message to a perfectly innocent curator:
“A relationship between category and subcategory would be fantastic. I can derive it but it wouldn’t be as reliable as an explicit image.”
when I meant ‘explicit category/image link’, of course.

Spam I got today said, “Receive the benefits and admiration that comes with a diploma!”. I have a lovely mental picture of myself down the pub, surrounded by a circle of admiring friends looking up adoringly into my face as I share gentle nuggets of wisdom with them.
Sadly, I already have a diploma and I’m yet to receive the promised benefits and admiration.