For Grant, who doesn’t like Tufte: “An American guru of the information age, Edward Tufte, has come to this conclusion. Bullet points are “faux analytical”, he says, and he illustrates his case by reducing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to a PowerPoint presentation. Naturally, it doesn’t work. Not as language, as such. Not as a speech. Tufte says that the language of management is depleting our cognitive powers.”
He’s quoted in this article by Don Watson on the ‘new public language’. Watson says, “we might wonder how language that circumscribes or clouds thought can be more efficient than language that expresses, clarifies or enlarges it.”

“The words – “value”, “strategic”, “quality”, “commitment” and “outcome” – are almost to modern management what “proletarian”, “glorious”, “revolution” and “marching forward” were to copywriting in the old communist states.”