“Prime Minister John Howard has aligned himself with the Vatican and US President George W Bush in ruling out gay marriages, saying they do nothing to support “survival of the species”.”

“That’s not an expression of discrimination – it’s just an expression that marriage as we understand it is one of the bedrock institutions of our society.
“It’s very much about the raising of children … and the continuation of our species.”
So he’d be against any rights for childless married couples then. He should at least have the courage of his convictions and admit he wants to discriminate between gay and straight couples.
He makes Costello look positively enlightened: “”Obviously I understand and accept that there are many people of the same sex who have a relationship and a partnership and sometimes long term partnership, I understand that, I respect that.””. Why, who would have thought those nasty gay people would have long term relationships? It’s almost as if they’re normal.