Big Chill last weekend, London Pride the weekend before, Helsinki in a few weeks… and now I’m flying to Edinburgh to visit Amber and watch the AFL Grand Final in September. Woohoo!
“The government was planning to gag charities by taking away tax exemptions from organisations that tried to influence government policy, the Australian Democrats said today.” (Age)
If you’ve seen the email about dumb tourist questions about Australia and thought it couldn’t possibly be true, think again:
“Americans fed on a diet of Crocodile Dundee and Survivor have visions of Australia as a frontier country and try to bring in mayonnaise and popcorn.
Visitors from Japan also fear they will be unable to obtain basic foodstuffs and breach regulations by carrying meals with dehydrated meat and noodles containing dehydrated egg.”
And in other news, “An impromptu sing-song by Cherie Blair to Chinese students has become a surprise dance hit among British clubbers in Ibiza and Cyprus.” (BBC)