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  1. Kjell says:

    Ok, I’ll bite. Why does John Howard suck?

  2. mia says:

    Where to start? John Howard’s blog at http://www.johnhoward.blogspot.com/ might give you some idea.
    He’s a throwback to the 50s without the faintest sense of social responsibility. He went to war on Iraq because he wanted to suck up to George Bush and the American administration.
    He hijacked the republican referendum questions because if he loves the Queen, we should too.
    He’s racist.
    He claims a ‘mandate from the people’ when he’s never been elected by a majority vote.
    To quote wholesale from The Age, “Alongside the domination and intimidation of Australia’s media by the Howard Government there has been a ruthless stacking of public bodies.
    Take the following stark examples: “capital C” conservatives such as Ian Callinan and Dyson Heydon have been appointed to the High Court; 13 of the 15 Howard appointments to the Industrial Relations Commission have been from employer backgrounds; the ABC board has been inundated with Howard’s hacks; in the welfare field, the extremely conservative Major Brian Watters from the Salvation Army (a man who believes in zero tolerance towards alcohol) was appointed as chairman of the Australian National Council on Drugs; merit selection processes were bypassed to allow the appointment of new censors at the Office of Film and Literature Classification; conservation bodies such as the Australian Heritage Commission, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Australian Landcare Council are now headed by former Coalition MPs or Coalition insiders.
    This list could go on and on. It exposes the breathtaking nature of Howard’s attempt to dominate the centres of decision-making, advice and political criticism in Australia.”

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