I have been very very

I have been very very naughty and bought lots of cds. From four different on-line retailers, two Australian and two UK-based.
I bought:
Footage Missing, The Fauves
The Flight of Wally Funk, Spiderbait
Grand Slam (+ 5 Track Mutated Re-Bait Disc), Spiderbait
Shashavaglava, Spiderbait
The Fang, Dan & Al
Best of (bonus Edition), Tism
Www.Tism.Wanker.Com, Tism
Future Spa, The Fauves
Community Music, Asian Dub Foundation
Rooty, Basement Jaxx
Datsuns, Datsuns
Trainspotting, Original Soundtrack
If I Should Fall From Grace With God, Pogues
Peace And Love, Pogues
Pogue Mahone, Pogues
Rum Sodomy And The Lash, Pogues
Much Against Everyones Advice, Soulwax
Original Pirate Material, Streets
Is This It, Strokes
This Is This, Mark Of Cain
Double Allergic, Powderfinger
Internationalist, Powderfinger
Oh, and a Kylie calendar.