I got busted singing The

I got busted singing The Fauves’ ‘Self Abuser’ to myself at work. Sample lyrics: ‘Hey hey hey hey self abuser, Beating off used to make me feel like a loser, now I couldn’t feel any better.’
From the Fauves’ site diary, “Not for the first, nor may I say the last, time that weekend Doug ordered a long macchiato, ostensibly as register of his coffee of choice, but covertly as a part of his ongoing challenge to the Baristas of regional Australia. Predictably enough tonight’s Barista failed miserably, adding to the growing list of losers hopelessly unable to meet the intimidating drummer’s stringent standards. This offering looked like an outtake from a McDonald’s training session and was duly left only half drunk as a powerful statement of protest to the proprietor.”