February 27, 2002, 3:26pm. Too sexy for words (listen to the sound file for the full sensual experience).

3:16pm. Bad pun headline of the week award goes to the Age for ‘KFC bosses aren’t chicken, but they sure are tender‘, leading a story about KFC managers burnt their feet trying a fire-walking exercise “In all, 11 ambulances responded to the emergency at 1.40pm when the resort reported about 30 people suffering burns to their feet as a result of a fire-walking exercise over the ashes of burnt timber”.

2:07pm. What a day. Yesterday I was told my contract wasn’t going to be renewed and today would be my last day. Today I was told I have another month, but until I have it in writing, I don’t believe it. Meanwhile, I’m sick as a dog and all I want to do it lie in bed and moan.

Anyway, some tidbits: Lygon Street touts to go: “council officers recently launched an undercover operation to try to eradicate touting in the strip that has long irritated local businesses, patrons and tourists“. Britney should count herself lucky she doesn’t live in Turkey: “Turkey lifts controversial virginity tests“. The mistakes of John Howard, part 734,566 of a series of 1,000,000: Governor-General Peter Hollingworth could be barred from the nation’s public schools because of his statements on child sexual abuse.