I’ve upgraded MovableType

So there might be a few glitches along the way… it’s quite a good upgrade process, but it would be helpful if it tested that the config file had the right paths for some of the necessary files (though it was my bad for initially getting the mt-static directory name wrong).
I had some stuff to display post categories and link to a category archive that I’ll have to fix cos it doesn’t recognise anymore, but that’s ok. I haven’t figured out all the new functionality yet but it looks like they’ve made a good effort at catching up with Word Press.
While on the geek thing, my favourite RSS reader is testing new functionality. They have feedback forums, so I posted something from my wishlist:
“I would love a ‘drip feed’ feature that would load a small set of posts from a feed, so that you could skim read them, mark them as ‘keep new’ to read properly later, etc; then click to call up the next set of posts from that feed.
Basically it would let you page through a feed so that you don’t have to skim through every post because the entire feed will be marked as read when you’ve let a particular feed build up (cos you’ve been on holiday or busy or whatever).”