(Apparently American politics is the new procrastination. Can you tell I’ve started back at uni? Expect more magazine covers at some point, probably when assignments are due). Anyway, onto my point…
Resurrecting The Ayers Attack: Palinizing As Campaign Strategy:

Palinizng a month out from Election Day is a dangerous game and risky game. It erroneously presumes that the electorate does not get insulted when politicians change the subject from how to benefit Americans to how to benefit their own candidacy. It also presumes that the electorate is just as gullible as it was in 2000 and 2004, where personality trumped policy as the driving force at the polls.
It’s a risky tactic. But risk has become common currency for the McCain campaign. Yet in fully embracing the twin Republican tactics of diversion and delay, the McCain campaign continues on the road of self-parody, blithely forging ahead, becoming increasingly irrelevant, muttering personal attacks and gibberish and hoping that such babbling is accepted as “leadership” by the American people. The entire strategy is so erratic and so transparently desperate that on that front, the McCain campaign would fare better if it simply read out of the phonebook from now until Election Day.

And then check out the blog that gave us the Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart.

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