Rudd says, go home

I missed this cos I was away but it would have been ace to go and bear witness to his Ruddness. OTOH, fat chance I’m going home any time soon.
Go home, Rudd tells expats in London

What was one of the hottest gigs in London this week? Kevin Rudd’s lecture at the London School of Economics on Monday.
A thousand people, largely expatriates, attended and all tickets were snapped up within 15 minutes. Another 300 people queued outside, hoping for a spot.
Mr Rudd, half in jest, urged the 200,000 Australians living in London to think of returning home, or at least contribute ideas, via the internet, for the 2020 summit the weekend after next.
Time overseas was “time well spent”, he said. “I know it’s great being here but we need you back home, too: there’s a lot of things to do, big challenges. If you choose to stay here, I’ll be speaking to [the British Prime Minister] Gordon [Brown] to make sure some of your visas are revoked.”

(I’d laugh at the last bit if Gordon Brown didn’t already seem so keen to make it harder for evil foreigners to stay in the UK.)
They really were taking submissions for Australia 2020, which is cool.

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