Wired: Suddenly, the Paranoids Don’t Seem So Paranoid Anymore

Have you noticed? We’ve become a people that no longer respects, or apparently desires, privacy. Our own or anybody else’s.
That’s a remarkable thing, when you stop to think about it. We Americans, historically, have fiercely guarded our personal privacy. It’s one of our defining characteristics. Others, who live in societies where personal privacy isn’t so easily taken for granted, have looked on with a mixture of admiration and bemusement. “Mind your own business” is a singularly American expression.

I’m not sure about the last statement, but generally, I’m glad to see this article. I’m not sure how or when the onus switched from the need to show why a loss of privacy was necessary to the need to show why privacy is important and necessary, but it annoys me.
When did privacy go from being a right to just barely being a privilege we’re allowed?

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