This BBC article, ‘I love my new C cup breasts‘, which reads like a PR piece about a site that ‘makes the UK’s top plastic surgeons available at prices women like unemployed Lucy can afford’ really disturbs me. The article doesn’t question why women who can’t even afford to pay full price for it should want invasive surgery, and although one of the final paragraphs says:

“She certainly looked much more self confident, she had changed her hair style and her previous stoop and round shoulderedness had been replaced with a more confident upright appearance.”

there’s no discussion of whether there are non-surgical ways to make someone feel more self-confident that should be considered before surgery.
Perhaps ironically, this article was also on the BBC site today: Breast implant website condemned

A website where women can raise cash for breast implants using personal photos is unsafe and degrading, say UK cosmetic surgeons.
The implants are paid for by male “benefactors” who, for a fee, can access the women’s personal profiles, pictures and contact details.

Adam Searle, consultant plastic surgeon and former president of the BAAPS, said: “This is really quite shocking. The invitation for women to post suggestive photos, sell personal items and chat with strangers over the Internet in exchange for a breast augmentation is just plain degrading.”

I find it shocking, and really horrible, but then I also find a cut-price charity boob job website shocking.
(I managed not to make any jokes about BAAPS)

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