Slightly irritated geek

I’m really quite bored. I’m on a week-long ASP.NET training course and since I don’t particularly want to learn .Net, I feel like the bored rebellious teenager in the back of the room. By coincidence, I even have the dodgy leather jacket. I haven’t fallen asleep so far but it’s probably only a matter of time.
The training centre is full of tellingly over-cocky people with regional accents who’ve travelled in from the further reaches of the world outside London (it exists, apparently), and the ‘coffee’ is Nescafe but at least it’s near Old St so I can pop into the office afterwards and keep the plates spinning there.
I’m already annoyed at some of the stupid things about Visual Studio .Net, like wtf is up with storing the project files in My Documents? What kind of idiot thought a development environment that stores config and header files in the login of a single user was a good idea? The worst part is I’ll actually have to do some work with the damn thing when the course is over.
Actually, that’s not the worst part – the worst part is they don’t provide lunch or luncheon vouchers!

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