Randomly, some choice insults from AWAD: “Ignorant blackguards, illiterate blockheads, besotted drunkards, drivelling simpletons, ci-devant mountebanks, vagabonds, swindlers and thieves..disgraceful gang of pettifoggers”
The .Net course goes on, and time crawls. The lab sessions are really annoying because they spoon feed you everything. The exercise might say, create a new instance of blah, declare an array of whatever, call this method, set properties, la la la… and then it gives you all the code, right there on the page. Fair enough some people might not have all the syntax to hand, but surely they could provide a primer and refer to it – how are you meant to learn if you’re just typing in someone else’s code? No wonder Microsoft certification doesn’t mean anything in the real world… ignorant blockheads. The instructor is quite good and I suppose I’m learning some useful stuff but overall, bring on Friday.

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