…is where I am. I’m visiting my brother who moved to Berkshire a few weeks ago, and I’ve (tragically) snuck time online to do some work, and check out what’s on at the fair at Highclere Castle we were thinking of visiting tomorrow.
Their website promises ‘two days of world-class clay shooting and gundog action’, including the Lurcher Display Team and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club and some gundog scurries, whatever they are!
And if you don’t like dogs or clay pigeon shooting, there’s ferret racing, stick makers and ‘bodgers’. Of course we can’t resist all that and we’ll be there tomorrow, rain, drizzle, hail or mist.

2 thoughts on “Berks…

  1. rachelejw says:

    (…. you replied to my thread on Gingerbeer that mentioned WANC)
    Just thought I’d mention – while you’re in Berkshire, did you know that that’s where Tony Blair keeps his own personal stash of WMD.
    – at Aldermaston, just of the A340,
    – midway between Reading, Newbury and Basingstoke
    If you’re interested check out:
    best wishes

  2. Mia says:

    I had no idea, thanks for the info!
    Btw I edited out your personal details.
    cheers, Mia

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